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Executive Functioning Coaching: Tips in Finding the Right Coach to Trust

If you aim to enhance your cognitive skills like in time management, organization, planning, and even in emotional regulation, then you need an executive function coaching.

This type of coaching is perfect for those having executive dysfunction like people with learning disabilities, ADHD, traumatic brain injuries, and even those who seek improvement on their cognitive performance or productivity.

So, how do you choose an executive functioning coach? If you make a search online, you’re going to find a number of professionals who offer coaching. However, not all of them are suited on you. You also have to take note that not all who call themselves a coach is right for you. So, you need to find someone who has the experience and qualifications to help you achieve your particular goals.

1. Education- One of the most essential things to consider is education. As mentioned earlier, you need someone who has a specific knowledge about executive functioning. Ask them about their education, specialization, and other trainings they have gathered throughout the years. Knowing their education and other certifications will give you a peace of mind that you’re talking to someone who knows what you need.

2. Experience- Another important factor to consider is the experience of the professional. To be sure that you get exactly what you need, be sure to know how much experience he has in coaching. Ideally, choose someone who has more than three years of experience. With this, you know that he know what he’s going to do and how to help you ultimately. Ask him if he has handled the same case as yours.

3. Location- The office of the professional should also be considered. It’s best to choose someone who isn’t too far from you. This will allow you to reach him or her anytime you need. Also, this would mean escaping from traffic and other expenses. Imagine also the time you are going to save from travelling.

4. Price – Always ask the price of their services. Before you are going to pick a professional, know how much amount you’re going to pay him or her. Know your budget and check if it fits your money. Of course, you should only choose the one you can afford.

5. Code of Ethics- Healthcare professionals always adhere to the code of ethics. But, this isn’t the same with the coaches. Though, you must make sure to find someone who adheres to the code of ethics. With that, you are sure that you are in good hands.

6. Packages – Before you finally pick a coach, be sure to ask about the packages they’re offering. Most of the coaches have different packages that will suit the different needs of people. Just listen what they have to offer and then determine which one suits you best.

7. In-person or Virtual- Finally, decide whether you’re going to get their services in-person or virtual. Depending on your schedule, be sure to choose the one that suits well your schedule. If you’re quite busy and don’t want to travel after work, then virtual may be the best option for you. Otherwise, an in-person session is also beneficial for you.

So, these are the things that you will have to consider when choosing an executive functioning coach.

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