Discover The Top Ten Tips Leading To Business Success

Haters will tell you that you can not succeed in this economy. In fact they will encourage you to forget about becoming an entrepreneur.Hold onto your horses readers,, you can succeed in business as long as you know who you are and what you want out of life. Discover the top 10 business tips to help you succeed in business.Top 10 Tips1. Know who you areNo one in the world knows you better than you know yourself. The focus must be on the inside of you, it includes your character, core values, drive, commitment and will. There is no fooling yourself and if you do, shame on you. Knowing yourself means you are willing to do what it takes to succeed.2. Know what you wantKnowing what you want in life, especially as it pertains to business is one of the keys to business success. This means you are investing your time and energy in something you truly believe in.3. PassionPassion is the driving force and a business success multiplier. Passion equals fire, a spark, wind beneath your wings and gusto. No matter the obstacles that stand before you, where there is a will, there is a way to succeed in business and you are willing to pay the price to reach it.4. FocusIf a person can focus on just one thing, the likelihood of them achieving it is greater. There is no confusion when it comes to focus, tap into yours and watch the results add up.5. Invest in yourselfSet aside monies to cover the expense of a workshop, training, coaching, live seminar, teleseminar and or mentoring. Your return on investment exponentially increases as a result of acquiring knowledge, learning new techniques or a more efficient system for success.6. Partner with credible business peopleJoint ventures are the rage, find one consistent with your objectives and you will have found a diamond.7. Think bigSmall thoughts will never amount to much. Think outside the box and you will discover something new about yourself and the business you lead.8. Exude confidenceYour abilities count for the majority of your business success. Confidence represents faith in action, get into motion and the results will follow.9. Have big faithShow me a person with no faith and I will show you a funeral. Have faith in your abilities and success will follow.10. Be the bestGiven the fact we all have different gifts, talents and abilities, you can be the best because no one else in the world have your unique skill sets.The top 10 tips you just read represent a good foundation to start with in business. I encourage you to come up with some on your own based on your unique experience.

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8 Ways To Improve Your Online Business And Attract New Customers

In this article, I am going to share with you 8 awesome things you can do to grow your online business and attract new customers, in no particular order.Improve your Online Business Tip #1 – Update your homepageLet’s kick off with the humble homepage of your website, look at it as the front display window in which your customers look through before entering your website properly (clicking through). Put yourself into the shoes of a first time visitor, better still if possible get someone else to visit the homepage of your website and provide you with some feedback.If you can’t get anyone to assist you, do it yourself. From a customer’s stand point ask yourself few questions.

What’s the first thing you notice immediately upon arriving to your homepage?

Can you immediately tell what the website is about?

Is it relatively easy to navigate around the site and find your products within a few clicks?

Where can you make improvements?
If any of the above questions requires you to start acting upon, make sure you make it your first priority to take action and start making improvements. Don’t wait till tomorrow or the next day, go do it now!Improve your Online Business Tip #2 – Showcase your best selling products on your homepageThe homepage of your website will be one of the most viewed pages on your entire site, naturally, so it would make perfect sense, instead of promoting multiple products and confusing the living hell out of your customers, to pick out 2 or 3 of your best selling products and showcasing them on the homepage.Improve your Online Business Tip #3 – Add a blogMore and more online businesses are incorporating / integrating blogs into their website. Blog’s are a great way to add much valuable content for Google to index, and the more valuable content you have on your site, you increase the chances of your prospects finding your products and services through search, but more importantly a blog will help you become more interactive or engaging with your customers, and it’s a great marketing tool to promote your products and services furthermore.Improve your Online Business Tip #4 – Utilize social media to improve customer supportMore and more companies are starting to utilize social media as a platform in which to provide customer support. Creating a business page on Facebook for example could allow you to analyse your customer needs properly and address customer questions, complaints and give a solution.Improve your Online Business Tip #5 – Entice new customers to signupIf you haven’t yet started an email list for your online business then really what are you waiting for? Do you enjoy watching potential sales go down the drain pipe? If you have started then you can start increasing your email opt-ins by experimenting with different placements for your opt-in form, or offering something valuable in return. You can find out more about list building in my eBook -Improve your Online Business Tip #6 – Use video to create product insightVideo marketing is extremely powerful and in online business it can really mean the difference between someone making a purchase and not making a purchase.You could consider creating a product insight video for some of your top selling products or services, and sell on its features and benefits, then embed your video into your product pages on your website. People searching and looking to buy your products can get further reassurance by seeing your products or services ‘working in action’ in your videos and that can go a long way.Also posting your videos on YouTube and applying SEO can also help your customers find your products and services through Google search.Improve your Online Business Tip #7 – Get rid of the fluffIf you’re wondering what I mean by ‘the fluff’ I mean all the distractions that might be losing you sales, so that could mean useless ads and distracting affiliate banners and unnecessary links and other options on your site that take the limelight away from ‘getting your customer to complete a purchase’. Make it clean, precise and laser focused on selling your products to your customers as easy as possible, so get rid of the fluff.Improve your Online Business Tip #8 – Teach yourself something new and valuable about marketingFinally, my last tip for improving your online business and attracting more customers is… Teach yourself something new and valuable about marketing your business to your target audience better. Read books, read blogs, subscribe to magazines, attend small business marketing events, listen to podcasts, enrol in courses. Knowledge is the roadmap to success, so go out and learn something new and valuable.